Ethics Statements


    This is the statement of ethics for Journal of Creative Practices in Language Learning and Teaching (CPLT) published by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Kedah.

    Publisher’s Responsibilities

    • The publisher is required to support all of the hard work of the authors.
    • Publisher is responsible to ensure the process of publishing runs smoothly.

    Editor’s Responsibilities

    • Editor should acknowledge the author’s submission within 7 working days.
    • Editor should disclose and proofread the manuscript in confidentiality.
    • Editors should not proceed to process any manuscript if there is any conflict interest.
    • Editor should not share or work information relating to the manuscript with third party.
    • Editor has the rights to reject any manuscripts, which do not fit the journal.
    • Editor should not force or threaten authors to cite the journal as the means of accepting the manuscript for publication.
    • Editor should not use any data or information from the unpublished manuscript in his or her research.
    • Editor is responsible to address any unethical complaints made against any submitted manuscript and it should be followed by a formal letter with necessary correction be made to the manuscript.

    Reviewer’s Responsibilities

    • Reviewer is required to repeat immediately if he or she is not qualified or unable to meet the due date of reviewing the manuscript given.
    • Reviewer is required to report immediately if the manuscript caused him or her any clash of interest. (authors are relatives or related academically)
    • Reviewer is required to review discreetly.
    • Reviewer is required to review manuscript objectively without any conflict with personal views.
    • Reviewer is prevented to use any of the data or information of the submitted manuscript in his or her research.
    • Reviewer is required to report if the reviewed manuscript has any similarities with any other previously published research from any other publication.
    • Reviewer is required to report to the editor id the reviewed manuscript contains plagiarised work or data.

    Author’s Responsibilities

    • The author is not allowed to submit the submitted manuscript to any other publication once it is submitted to this journal.
    • The author is not allowed to submit the published manuscript to this publication.
    • The author is required to submit an original research. Any plagiarised research or any unethical publishing misconduct will be proceeded to necessary editorial action.
    • The author is required to cite all of the sources used in the research and any conflict of interest should be declared.
    • The author is required to acknowledge all main contribution of the research and be regarded as co-authors. The final publication is also need to be verified by all of the authors.
    • The author is required to inform the journal editor of any errors in his or her manuscript and prepared to do he correction accordingly.
    • Authors should read the “Submission Guidelines” on the journal’s page before making a submission. Manuscript should be prepared according to the style and specifications of the journal’s policy. Please use the DOWNLOAD FORM tab to download the Paper Template.
    • All authors should approve the final version of the manuscript prior to submission. Once a manuscript is submitted, it is therefore assumed that all authors have read and given their approval for the submission of the manuscript.
    • Corresponding author should fill up the
    • Declaration Form
    • Biodata Form
    • Submission should be made online to
    • Authors may submit their enquiries through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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