Editorial Policies


    Conflict of interest
    Authors should disclose all financial/relevant interest that may have influenced the development of the manuscript.

    Reviewers should disclose any conflict of interest and if necessary, decline the review of any manuscript they perceive to have a conflict of interest.

    Editors should also decline from considering any manuscript that may have conflict of interest. Such manuscripts will be re-assigned to other editors.

    When considering whether you should declare a conflicting interest or connection please consider the conflict of interest test: Is there any arrangement that would embarrass you or any of your co-authors if it was to emerge after publication and you had not declared it?

    A submitted manuscript is a confidential material. CPLT will not disclose submitted manuscript to anyone except individuals who partake in the processing and preparation of the manuscript for publication (if accepted). These individuals include editorial staff, corresponding authors, potential reviewers, actual reviewers, and editors. However, in suspected cases of misconduct, a manuscript may be revealed to members of CPLT Advisory Committee for the resolution of the misconduct.

    Material disclaimer
    The opinions expressed in CPLT are those of the authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors, the editorial board, UiTM Kedah or the organization to which the authors are affiliated.

    CPLT will review and update this editorial policy periodically.

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